Vinh Sang Tourist Area

Only 160km away from the noise and crowded streets of Ho Chi Minh City is a nature haven where tourists can recline on a hammock, listen to birds singing and breathe fresh air. Coming here, there are many available activities for both adults and children.

Vinh Sang Tourist Area is located on the An Binh Isle in Long Ho District at the junction of the Tien River in the southern province of Vinh Long, where is an oasis criss-crossed by many rivulets, with orchards resplendent with man An Phuoc (An Phuoc plums), nhan xuong com vang (yellow longan), and dua dau Ben Tre (Ben Tre coconuts). This tourism area is also home to about 20 species of rare wild animals including crocodiles, ostriches, bears, spotted deer, monkeys, pythons, pelicans and rabbits.

From the center of Ho Chi Minh City, drive about 70km in the direction of My Tho City (Tien Giang Province), at the large intersection, turn right andcontinue drive about 60km tourists will reach the famous bridge - the My Thuan Bridge, a big and most stunning cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam – which crosses Tien Giang River, connectsprovinces of Vinh Long and Tien Giang. Crossing My Thuan Bridge, turn left in the direction of Vinh Long about 6km tourists will arrive Vinh Sang Boat Dock. From here, tourists will be transported to the site by boat.


There are various activities for selecting as: see rare animals in the wild, take some minutes to ride on a 140kg African ostrich, feed a crocodile, catch a fish or stroll on grassy trails through endless multicolored orchards.


At Vinh Sang Tourist Area, with thrill games such as fishing 5-year or older crocodiles - tourists entice and fish crocodiles by themselves. This game help tourists can visualize the whole history of change waste land into cultivated areas in the very wild Southern region hundreds years ago which "The saying is crocodiles swim in the rivers, tigers lie on the riverside."


In addition, there are 60 grown-up ostriches that are ready to serve tourists for a ride even at a galloping pace, on a sandy field. Ostrich eggs offer an amusing photo opportunity as six of them together can withstand someone standing on them without breaking. Don’t expect a quick meal, however, if tourists want to sample the taste of an egg: it takes about five to six hours to cook.


Other activities include rowing fishing boats, spreading nets or building a dike to catch fish the old-fashioned way: with bare hands. Tourists can ask the chef to cook the freshly caught fish.


Water slides and river swimming are popular with the younger set, as are catching ducks or playing with water balls near the Co Chien River.


Tourists also can sightsee along the Co Chien River on a three-storey yacht capable of holding between 350 and 500 passengers which has a restaurant offering both Western and Asian food. They can listen to don ca tai tu (amateur traditional music in the Southern region) or sing karaoke. If they prefer eating down on the farm, they can eat at the landlocked restaurant and partake of traditional Southern specialties such as ca loc nuong rom (snakehead fish grilled in straw), ca loc hap bau (snakehead fish steamed with gourd), ca kho to (stewed fish in caramel sauce) and ga noi vuon (free-range chicken), and other dishes made with ostrich and crocodile. Ingredients are very fresh and often picked straight from the garden.


Foreign tourists are particularly fond of the martial arts courses on offer. After attending three-to-four hour training courses taught by experienced instructors, they can practise martial arts moves popular among southern practitioners.


During the day, tourists can take a bicycle to visit neighbouring orchards or traditional handicraft villages including the lang keo dua (coconut sweet village) or the lang gom do (red pottery village).


If tourists wish to spend the night, they have the option of camping or staying in a bungalow. A separate area is set out for campers who sleep in tents and build campfires and, in another spot, 18 bungalows equipped with all the amenities including air conditioning built on rafts, overlook the water.


Vinh Sang Tourist Area is becoming an attractive place in the south of Vietnam. The area is where tourists can learn about the Mekong Delta, receive good services, participate in outdoor games and be close to nature. It attracts a lot of people both foreign tourists and domestic tourists.