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Da Nang - Vietnam travel map and guide

Da Nang has been the largest city in the Central, named as one of the most charming pearls with the stunningly magnificent coastline and located in the midst of two Well-known Unesco's World Heritage sites of Viet Nam: Hue Imperial City and Hoi An ancient town. From the monotonous beauty of local life in the coastal fishing villages to the bustling lifestyle at night, from the bridges across the Han River to the ancient building made by spiritually local culture combined with the landscape of the monumental mountain range and the golden sand, blue sea all year round. This place promises to bring unforgettable experiences.

Da Nang Travel Map

Weather in Danang:

The city has two seasons every year. The wet period is from September until March, while the dry period is between April and August. Its close proximity to the East Sea allows for average temperatures between 18°C and 34°C


VND is the official currency in Vietnam. Some small vendor and shop for tourists do accept USD. But we highly recommend you to change your bill into VND The rate is around 23.000 VND for 1 USD. 

Han Market is a significant landmark in Da Nang, having been in operation since the French occupancy in the 1940s. where you can find hundreds of stalls selling an array of local produce, handicrafts, T-shirts, and accessories. It’s very much like a miniature version of Ben Thanh Market central market in Ho Chi Minh City, and even if you aren’t necessarily looking to buy anything it still offers a fascinating glimpse into local life in Da Nang.

Where to see in Da Nang


1. The Mable mountain

The Marble Mountains is one of the primary landmarks of Da Nang that you should not miss to visit this place. This destination named five hills according to five basic elements of nature: metal, wood, water, fire and earth which made from limestone and marble in the early 19th century by King Minh Mang. It's also a famous pilgrimage site with peaks, caves, tunnels and temples all just waiting to be discovered. There are also Buddhist sanctuaries and places of worship dotted across on the mountains which keep different type of spiritual stories such as Tam Thai pagoda, Tang Chon and Huyen Khong grottoes. 

2. Con Market:

Con Market is a prominent shopping venue in Da Nang City Centre where you can find over 2,000 stalls selling an array of handicrafts, apparel, and accessories at wholesale prices. Also known as Da Nang Commercial Centre, it is widely regarded as the coastal city’s largest and busiest wholesale shopping venue.
Con Market- Danang

3. Non Nuoc Fine Arts Village:

Non Nuoc Marble Carving Village was found 18th century by Huynh Ba Quat from Thanh Hoa Province. It comprises over 500 manufacturers, artisan workshops and retail outlets selling high-quality goods at reasonable prices. 

Non Nuoc Carving village


Marble mountian - Viet Excursions

2. Son Tra Linh Ung Pagoda:

Linh Ung Pagoda (also call Linh Ung Bai But pagoda) is the most absolutely must-visited pagoda of Danang. It located in halfway up the Mountain in Buddha’s Sanctuary on Son Tra Peninsula. Built in July 2004 and inaugurated on 30 July 2010, the pagoda complex included sanctum, library, etc. Being well-known with Lady Buddha Statue ( The goddess of Mercy) is 67m in height according to the concept of local people, the period time that this statue built nearly all of the typhoons have not attack to this city up to now. All of local life thanks it is for being stable in their life. From the pagoda gate, you can see the contemplate panorama of the bridges city with monumental mountain ranges, white sand and blue beach.

3. The Cham Museum  of Sculpture:

The museum owns nearly 2,000 in total number of artefacts displayed original sandstone sculptures and some baked clay products collected from the temples and towers according to the geographic origin of the ancient Cham Kingdom ruins where they were discovered or excavated, including Quang Tri, Tra Kieu, My Son, Dong Duong, Thap Mam - Binh Dinh, Quang Nam corridor, Quang Ngai corridor and an extra gallery. At present, Cham Museum of Sculpture - one of the most famous tourist attractions in Da Nang The compound of the museum blends harmoniously with the local landscape, which gives tourists a chance to relax and feel immersed in the golden past of Cham Civilization.

Danang Cham Museum - Viet Excursions

4. Dragon Bridge:

Dragon Bridge is considered as the new symbol of Danang City. It has the shape of a golden dragon inspired by the Ly dynasty, a mighty feudal period in Vietnamese history, the symbol of power, nobility and high aspirations to be ready to integrate with friends in the worldwide. The bridge was built in 2010 and inaugurated in 2013 is one of the bridges over the sparkling river linking Da Nang International Airport with the world's most beautiful beach My Khe has a length of 666m, is the longest bridge in Vietnam up to the present time. If your trip to visit on the weekend, Dragon Bridge will make you hard to refuse, There will be performances of dragon 

5. Ba Na hills:

Ba Na hill is a really interesting place located in the west of Da Nang city over 45 km in the Truong Son Range, which is 1400m above sea level. It is like the small European country of the bridges city with the world's longest and most modern cable car system and modern amusement park attracts millions of visitors to visit this year. Let go around some must-visited on the huge Europe house, immerse in the many kinds of unique games of Ba Na Hill tourist centre, take millions of vintage photos, admire the beautiful nature of the heart of Central 

Ba Na Hills- Viet Excursions

6. Hai Van Pass:

Hai Van Pass is located on the road between Hue Imperial city and Da Nang city From this site offers an impressive landscape of huge mountains and paradise of clouds at 500m above sea level, making it the highest pass in Vietnam. this place is renowned amongst thrill-seeking motorcyclists due to its winding roads, sudden curves and blind corners in 25 kilometre-long mountain pass while its lookout point offers gorgeous views of My Khe Bay

Hai Van pass- Viet Excursions

Recommended restaurants in Danang:

  1. Apsara restaurant

Apsara cuisine restaurant is a style restaurant of the ancient civilization of the Cham Pa kingdom specializing in serving dishes with traditional Vietnamese flavour from delicacy to street snacks. In addition, diners will enjoy the dance performance of culture at the same time in your cosy meal in Danang.

Address: 222 Tran Phu street , Hai Chau district

  1. Tran restaurant ( Pork rolled with rice paper)

Pork rolls are quite delicious and tasty, fresh meat is good. The vegetables are very fresh, spacious space, good serving and friendly staff.

Address: 4 Le Duan street, Hai Chau district

Tran Restaurant Da Nang

  1. Truc Lam Vien Restaurant

Truc Lam Vien is designed in the style of Hue royal palace, with spacious garden and cool air combined with the old houses style architecture about 100-120 years old. Truc Lam Vien is always a great place to relax and enjoy the good meal.

Truc Lam Vien has all kinds of drinks: coffee, cocktail, ... In addition, Truc Lam Vien also serves snacks with specialities of Central Vietnam: Vietnam turmeric noodles, Hue’s traditional cake, salad,….

With a service of enthusiastic, courteous, attentive and professional staff meeting the standards of Tourism will satisfy you.

Address: 25 Yen Bai street, Hai Chau district

  1. Blue whale restaurant

Blue Whale Restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy delicious seafood dishes with cool space next to the sea with affordable prices.

Address: 6 Vo Nguyen Giap street, Son Tra district

  1. Bun Cha Ca restaurant (local) (Fishcake Noodles Soup restaurant)

With 40 years of experience making and selling traditional vermicelli noodles soup in prestige. They sell with the price of "soft", high food quality. Therefore, the Nguyen Chi Thanh's fish noodle soup local restaurant is considered one of the favourite one of Da Nang city.

BUn Cha Ca

Price: 20.000 VND / normal bowl and 25.000 VND / special bowl; Service time from 6h - 22h, peak hours are 7AM – 9AM and 17PM – 20PM.

Address: 109 Nguyen Chi Thanh street, Hai Chau district

  1. Banh Canh Thanh Huong restaurant (local) (Vietnamese Tapioca Noodles in fish soup)

This local restaurant has spacious, clean and airy space. The restaurant is located quite easy to find quality food so many diners see the place is familiar.

Thanh Huong restaurant is a famous one in Da Nang. There is delicious fish cake soup with sweet, natural brewed water from fish bones and the fish meat is soft, both fresh and fresh.

Banh Canh

Price: 20.000 – 25.000 VND/ bowl

Address: 35 Le Hong Phong street, Hai Chau district

  1. Banh xeo Ba Duong (local) (Sizzling Pancake restaurant)

This place is a familiar and famous local restaurant for enjoying sizzling pancake with absolutely special sauce which makes by different taste in comperison with others place of local people in Da Nang.

Address: 280/23 Hoang Dieu street (in the alley), Hai Chau district


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