Bai Dinh Pagoda

Bai Dinh pagoda, located 5 km from Hoa Lu, is the pagoda of the Ninh Binh province that holds numerous records: it is the largest of Vietnam Pagoda (700 hectares), inside we have one of the largest Asian statues of Buddha in bronze (100 tons), the largest collection of statues of Arhat of the world (500 statues) and also the largest Bell of all Vietnam (36 tons).

The Bai Dinh Pagoda is located behind the mountains of rock, in the area of Gia Sinh (Ninh Binh province). Bai Dinh pagoda is name in honor of the ancient pagoda which was Bai Dinh in this place and also by the mountains.

To access the Bai Dinh Pagoda be reached via a road mile in which only small cars and motorbikes have access, that means that if we are going by bus, we can not continue beyond this point, however, we can rent a scooter for  to go that way.