Light house in Vung Tau

Vung tau light house was first built in 1862, after the French colonials invaded three South East provinces. It is a cylinder with 18m height and 3m of diameter, in which there is a spiral staircase nearly up to the top and a way to the outside balcony to view Vung Tau city.

The light house has a 1500w light bulb, its can radiate 35 sea miles ( equivalent to 65km) far thanks to a giant prism system consisting of surrounding 3-side triangle glass panels, power-motored bulb. The light house has two rays, rotates 2.4 circles every minute. At night, people can see two light rays of the lighthouse no matter where they stand.

For many years, the lighthouse is always an attractive visiting place of Vung tau because of it architectural and historical value.