Long Tuyen: The Village Version of Can Tho

Long Tuyen, an ancient village on the west side of Can Tho City in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, has long been known as a fruitful land. It is also the birthplace of many talented figures that have made considerable contributions to the country development. The area now attracts visitors thanks to the beauty of its ancient houses and lush orchards.

Village Version of Can ThoOnce visiting Long Tuyen, you will never forget the attractiveness of its poetic sights, viewed from land or water.

On map, Long Tuyen looks like a miniature image of a vast Mekong Delta, its rich fruit orchards as beautiful as a picture. Along the bank of the Binh Thuy River are rows of houses with luxuriant gardens, making a classic, simple countryside scene.

Long Tuyen VillageLong Tuyen Village has become a popular site for tourists visiting Can Tho. Besides its poetic landscape, this village has six national vestiges – nearly one third of total number in Can Tho City. Binh Thuy Temple, also called Long Tuyen ancient temple, is an example. Set up in 1844 upon the establishment of this settlement, this temple, spreading over 4000 m2, is one of the largest in Can Tho Province, which reflects the stature of Long Tuyen Village. The temple honours not only the village history and ancestors, but also the practices of fruit cultivation, highly developed in Can Tho. Binh Thuy ancient house is a typical example of local fruit cultivation practices. It has a large courtyard, orchid garden and ornamental trees which are highly valuable. It is a great choice for visitors who are tired of high buildings and looking for some open, green space.

Local festivals occur in April and December on the lunar calendar. Processions take place accompanied by many joyful activities, traditional games and performances, attracting crowds of villagers and visitors. The focus of these events is around the paddy rice culture, with prayers for peace, favourable weather conditions and prosperity.

With the efforts of the local authority, the vestige sites have been well maintained and preserved. The repair of Binh Thuy Temple was well financed, along with other projects, including Nam Nha Pagoda, orchid gardens and Binh Thuy houses.

With a wide variety of influences from Khmer, Chinese, French, Japanese and American culture, Long Tuyen Village has forged its own identity within the fruit garden culture of Vietnam’s southern delta. With these broad roots, Long Tuyen has a strong and unique position within the cultural setting of the Mekong Delta.