Poshanu Towers

The Po Sha Nu group of ancient tower vestiges, or also called Phu Hai tower, belongs to Thanh Hai ward, Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province. The Po Sha Nu group of ancient tower vestiges is the general tower and temple architecture of Cham people. It is the worship place for the fairy daughters of goddess Po Nagar. The group includes 03 towers and many other tower ruins. The three remaining towers scatter on 02 ground layers and direct toward the east. All the three towers are multi-storey square towers. They have aged since 8th century and have Champa ancient architectural style with some factors such as round pillars at fake doors, door edges..., which is similar to that of Khmer towers and temples. Annually in the 1st lunar month, festivals such as Rija Nuga, Poh Mbang Yang are held at the foot of the towers. People perform praying ceremonies for rainfall and good things.