Ta Cu Mount and Forest

Ta Cu Mount is near 650m high, located by 01A national highway across Tan Lap commune, Ham Thuan Nam rural district. This is an attractive climbing destination as well as the picturesque scenery in Binh Thuan. Around the year, the climate is pure, cool and the average temperature ranges from 180 to 220C. Ta Cu has charming scenery with diverse shaped marble blocks and hundreds of year old trees. This place has Nui Pagoda, a historical architecture built in 1878 - 1880 on a height of 475m. The area of Nui pagodas includes 2 main pagodas, Linh Son Truong Tho and Long Don. The distinctive feature is the Statue of Buddha in Nirvada that is 49m high and considered the biggest Buddhist statue in Southeast Asia. Ta Cu Forest was recognized as a national natural reserve by the government in 1996. It is home to many rare plants such as barian kingwood, pterocarpus trees, medicinal plants, orchids, apricots, and bamboo. Tourists are advised to bring along a packed lunch, as it will take a whole day to visit the place.